An innovative facial treatment which reduces skin ageing at the DNA level. The active ingredients used, such as Telovitin, Agicyl, Lumicol and Epocyl, stimulate processes at the DNA level, protecting telomeres, and awaken the skin’s ability to slow down the ageing processes. Extends the cell life cycle, blocks glycation processes of collagen tissues. Activates skin’s detox system, protects against the free radicals and aggressive exogenous factors. Helps to prolong skin’s youthfulness, evens out wrinkles, strengthens skin, improves micro-texture and evens out colour, makes the skin glow.


  • Procedure Time

    60 min.
  • Recovery Time

    Are not
  • Procedure Count

  • Skin Type

    For all skin types
  • Previous Procedures

    Not necessary
  • Anesthesia

    Not necessary
  • Pain level

  • Rezultāti var atšķirties atkarībā no cilvēka
  • Title
  • Face
    120 €
  • Procedūrās cena atkarīga no apstrādājamās vietas lieluma un specifikas. Skat. mūsu cenu lapu.
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