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In "BABOR" beauty salons, innovative skin care products are put to use, creating thoughtful and exclusive procedures, ensuring excellent results and fantastic sensations.


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The beauty salon gives you an opportunity not only to indulge in exquisite procedures, but also to buy both caring and decorative cosmetics, the wide range of which will not let you get confused by our professional staff, who also guarantee that you will find the most suitable product here. Right here, in the center of the ever-running city, anyone can find complete peace - both those who yearn to regain their energy and those who want to indulge in relaxation. A beauty salon is a place where the world-renowned quality of cosmetics meets the absolute harmony that the staff provides to its customers. Aimed at the well-being of the client, adapting procedures and cosmetic products to the individual needs of each client, in order to provide an obvious result of radiant skin - this is the beauty salon BABOR Beauty Spa Riga.


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