Facial machine therapy using COLD PLASMA is a revolution in a world of plasma: operating temperature only 36.6 degrees, no side effects, ensures the regeneration process of problematic skin without the use of heat.


During COLD PLASMA treatment, skin is exposed to warmth, ultraviolet rays and electric field.

Scientific research has discovered and confirmed that COLD PLASMA technology has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action and promotes faster healing.

Frequently asked question

COLD PLASMA is a perfect solution for problematic, impure skin, and it is also suitable for the reduction of fine lines and other skin problems:

1. Reduction of microbes, bacteria, fungi and viruses on the skin by up to 99.9%

2. Improves the cell migration or communication amongst them (cells receive an impulse from Cold Plasma and quickly regenerate, replicate and regenerate)

3. Saturates with oxygen and improves microcirculation

4. For the treatment of sensitive, couperose skin (reduces enlarged blood vessels and redness)

5. The treatment may be combined with other facial treatments such as mechanical face exfoliation, needle therapy, dermabrasion etc.

* Pregnancy and breast-feeding

* Less than 2 weeks since wrinkle treatment using subcutaneous injections containing botulinum toxin

* Treatment using radiation or chemotherapy

* Electronic implants (such as a pacemaker), serious heart insufficiency, after having a heart attack

* Epilepsy

Jett Plasma Medical is honoured to offer one of the most advanced technologies in the world, which is used for wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, non-surgical skin lifting and elimination of other skin problems. It is usually used for eyelid correction without surgical intervention (blepharoplasty), and to remove bags under the eyes and tighten the skin around the mouth.

  • Procedure Time

    60 min.
  • Recovery Time

    Are not
  • Procedure Count

  • Skin Type

    For all skin types
  • Previous Procedures

    Not necessary
  • Anesthesia

    Not necessary
  • Pain level

  • Rezultāti var atšķirties atkarībā no cilvēka
  • Title
  • Face
    60 €
  • Procedūrās cena atkarīga no apstrādājamās vietas lieluma un specifikas. Skat. mūsu cenu lapu.
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