T35P is an innovative peeling that barely touches the surface of the skin, therefore it does not require a long recovery period. Considered a moderate peeling as to its intensity.

It removes the corneous layer of the skin but also penetrates deep inside affecting the epidermis up to the basal layer of the skin stimulating its rejuvenation and regeneration.

Thanks to its unique composition, T35P solution rapidly and almost immediately penetrates the dermis, activates all the regeneration processes, and does not harm the dermis.

Frequently asked question


    • Zero recovery period needed (if there is no scaling, redness or oedema).
    • Suitable to all skin types. 
    • No age restrictions.
    • Possible every day of the year (no need to wait for the cold season and low sun activity).
    • A very bright, lasting effect just after one session.
    • No photosensitivity after the treatment. In a few days you may sunbathe and not be afraid of getting pigmentation spots.
    • The treatment is painless.

  • Densifies and tones the deep layer of the dermis (the facial oval acquires much more defined contours). 
  • Normalizes activity of the sebaceous glands and significantly reduces pores (shine is lost, and skin gets drier after the treatment).
  • A slightly tightening effect.
  • The effect of injection treatments is more intense.
  • Makes the skin whiter (significantly decreases all types of pigmentation and freckles).
  • Counteracts light-induced ageing.
  • Evens out the facial colour and structure (skin gets drier, signs of acne, chickenpox and small scars are removed).

  • Signs of light-induced ageing.
  • Time-induced ageing.
  • Fine lines and/or wrinkles.
  • Skin pigmentation.
  • Unhealthy, uneven facial skin.
  • Post-acne.
  • Post-inflammation.
  • Hyperkeratosis.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Low skin elasticity.

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Allergic to ingredients.
  • Lesions, fresh scars, purulence on the skin.
  • Infectious and virus diseases especially skin-related (such as Herpes).
  • Very sensitive skin.
  • Cancer.

  • Procedure Time

    35 min.
  • Recovery Time

    Are not
  • Procedure Count

  • Skin Type

    For all skin types
  • Previous Procedures

    Not necessary
  • Anesthesia

    Not necessary
  • Pain level

  • Rezultāti var atšķirties atkarībā no cilvēka
  • Title
  • Face
    55 €
  • Procedūrās cena atkarīga no apstrādājamās vietas lieluma un specifikas. Skat. mūsu cenu lapu.
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