New Skin is a beauty treatment for face during which two skin treatment methods are applied:  microdermabrasion and electroporation. By combining those two, a double effect can be gained (skin gets cleansed and deeply-moisturised).

In the 1st phase of the treatment microdermabrasion is performed during which skin’s dead cells are peeled off using diamond tips in combination with vacuum, promoting skin cleansing and skin regeneration in general. During this phase skin is prepared for better and deeper absorption of active ingredients.

In the 2nd phase electroporation is performed which is a non-invasive, non-injection therapy and a good alternative to classic mesotherapy. During this phase hyaluronic acid is introduced into the skin by means of electric impulse; hyaluronic acid has unique properties: when it gets inside the deepest layers of the skin it binds water molecules thus restoring the moisture balance of the skin and activating the natural biological processes.


Frequently asked question

New Skin was invented for better cleansing of skin and for even more effective introduction of hyaluronic acid into the deepest layers of skin.

New Skin treatment is suitable in such cases:

• dehydrated skin;

• pale skin tone;

• clogged pores;

• rough skin;

• pigmentation spots;

• acne and post-acne scars;

• ageing-related changes to skin etc.

New Skin treatment is painless, performed without age restrictions, suitable both for women and men and does not require a special preparatory or recovery period.

The New Skin treatment provides the following outcomes:

• facial relief is evened out;

• an even skin colour;

• reduced pores, cleansed skin;

• smaller wrinkles as to their death and count;

• better skin elasticity, increased collagen production;

• improved microcirculation and lymphatic circulation;

• deeply moisturised skin.

New Skin treatment is not recommended upon the following:

• pregnancy, lactation period;

• oncology diseases;

• implanted pace-maker;

• somatic diseases, epilepsy;

• history of infarctions, strokes;

• gold thread facelift;

• individual intolerance to electric power.

  • Procedure Time

    60 min.
  • Recovery Time

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  • Skin Type

    Visiem ādas tipiem
  • Previous Procedures

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  • Anesthesia

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  • Pain level

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