Design the shape of your body,
permanently eliminating the fat cells

Significant results in treating and reducing cellulite

Makes the skin firmer thanks to the stimulation of new collagen formation in the skin



A Interaction between radio frequency and vacuum B Heating of tissues using RF maintaining a certain temperature C High voltage electric pulse within the length of a nanosecond


Frequently asked question

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Lower back
  • Upper back

The main weapon of the BodyFX treatment is based on radio frequency and controlled impulses within the length of a nanosecond (HVP – high voltage pulse), which, in combination with vacuum, evens out the unwanted fat bags, which usually remain even after the most effective work-outs.


BodyFX is for you if:

  • You have unwanted deposits of fat cells
  • You want to reduce cellulite
  • You want to improve your sagged skin

Upon achieving optimum results, your skin will look younger, and the effect will last for several years. Naturally, we cannot stop ageing, so we suggest changing your lifestyle, improving your diet and making use of the BodyFX treatment.

Not normally, but if you experience redness or hot feeling in the treated area, you can be sure that it will disappear in few hours. The hot feeling is similar to one after the massage of the deep tissues, and it will not harm your abilities in any way, so you can book the treatment during your lunch break!


Clinical studies showed that in 30% of all cases subcutaneous fat cells died (apoptosis was observed) in the depth of 2.5 cm. Observations prove that formation of new collagen (neocollagenesis) improves by 13.7%.

Research shows that there is a direct correlation between the formation of new collagen and the firmness of skin. BodyFX method consists of clinically-proven technologies. It includes radio frequency, heating of the deep tissues and liposuction in combination with a negative pressure.
The energy of radio frequency, in a precise and optimum manner, leads heat to the skin and the fat cells of the deepest skin layers, so they can get warm and contract. The wonderful results are achieved thanks to vacuum and controlled impulses (HVP – high voltage pulse), which disintegrate fat cells.


In order to achieve visible improvement usually 4 to 8 treatment times are needed. It will become clearer during the first times, observing the progress.

  • Procedure Time

    15-30 min.
  • Recovery Time

    Are not
  • Procedure Count

  • Skin Type

    For all skin types
  • Previous Procedures

    Not necessary
  • Anesthesia

    Not necessary
  • Pain level

  • Rezultāti var atšķirties atkarībā no cilvēka
  • Title
  • 1 area
    52 €
  • 2 areas
    82 €
  • SIZE OF ONE AREA 20×12 cm
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