Eyelid correction – Jett Plasma Lift Medical

What do we know about the eyelid correction using Jett Plasma Lift Medical?

Jett Plasma Lift Medical is a natural treatment for skin renewal which uses quasineutral plasma.

The discharge of plasma on high intensity levels creates thermal energy which has a coagulation effect on the tissues. The plasma beam is very thin, allowing to perform the treatment in a very accurate and fine manner which is especially important for the eye area.

Jett Plasma Lift Medical is a very unique type of intervention on the skin structure with a purpose to perform correction of the signs of the ageing.

What are the advantages and effects of the Jett Plasma Lift Medical eyelid correction?

acu plakstiņu procedūraThis method is unique because it is delicate and allows full control over the procedure, gives predictable results and a visible effect.

The treatment is performed using local anaesthesia (an ointment or an injection).

The eye area is treated with a beam of plasma for 30-60 min on the average, depending on the size of the problem area and on the type of the problem.

After the treatment, special care is needed for 5-7 days on the average and UV exposure must be avoided.

On the 4th day after the treatment eschars start to flake away from the skin.

After 7 days, a repeated visit to the specialist is needed.

On the 4th-7th day after the treatment eschars fall off, and changes in the skin colour are visible; new epidermis is forming. Putting on make-up is allowed now.

It is necessary to use light protection SPF 50+ products and wear sunglasses 3-4 months after the treatment.

The maximum effect is visible 3 months after the treatment.

Indications / Jett Plasma Lift Medical is intended for You if You have:

  •  Sagged upper eyelids;
  •  Dark circles and bags under the eyes;
  •  Fine lines and deep wrinkles in the eye area.

Contraindications / Jett Plasma Lift Medical is NOT ALLOWED to You if You have:

  •  A pacer or other electronic aids;
  •  Pregnancy;
  •  Oncology diseases;
  •  Metal implants in the body;
  •  Inflammations and purulent formations in the area of the treatment.acu plakstinu korekcija


To get the maximum effect, this treatment can be combined with the cosmetic Plazma Jett treatments.

A visit to a specialist is a must before deciding upon the treatment.



Nosaukums Cena
Jett Plasma Lift Medical upper eyelid correction  230-250 EUR
Jett Plasma Lift Medical lower eyelid correction  100-200 EUR
Jett Plasma Lift Medical upper and lower eyelid correction  300-400 EUR
 Consultation  25 EUR (30min)

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