Solution to sagged skin lifting


Facial lifting – when is it needed?

In modern days women tend to have sagged skin already after 25 years of age mostly due to unhealthy food, smoking, stress, medications, tanning in natural sun and solarium as well as female hormonal changes and, of course, the power of gravity. Due to these factors elasticity of the skin diminishes and it sags.

Type of the skin and its problems primarily are genetically inherited, and it is interesting that we usually inherit it from our grandparents instead of parents.

Sagging of the facial skin is sometimes explained by the reduction of bone mass in the process of ageing, when the face lacks bone to hold on to, so it sags. It is observed that women with expressed cheekbones have less sagged skin. A lot more often such a problem is experienced by women with a narrow, oval shape of the face and less expressed cheekbones.

Skin sagging is firstly observed on cheeks when facial contours become less expressed and sometimes a double chin appears. Such skin sagging can be prevented by performing treatments that strengthen facial muscles of the lifting treatments.

Cosmetologist Līva Gerharde who works at Babor Beauty SPA Alberts stresses out that it is very important to take care of skin sagging before it is too late because it is difficult to lift already a very sagged skin even with the help of treatments that facilitate lifting.

To have natural skin lifting as long as possible, it is recommended to control and eliminate habits that facilitate skin sagging, i.e., to push fists against cheeks and chin and to pull cheeks in the pillow while sleeping. The best way to preserve natural skin lifting is to sleep on your back. To facilitate skin lifting you can perform self-massage, massaging the Langer’s lines upwards.

Lifting – what are the most effective treatments?

Babor Beauty SPA Alberts cosmetologist Līva Gerharde describes a skin treatment with an excellent lifting effect even if the skin is sagged. It is IONTO LIFT lifting. The treatment is performed by a cosmetologist who uses two medical heads and treats facial muscles, activating muscles from both ends and giving electro impulse. This way facial muscles receive therapy similar to electric shock, making them to stretch out and in thus exercising them. In addition, when facial muscles get stronger, the skin lifts up and wrinkles smooth out providing the lifting effect. IONTO LIFT lifting treatment is painless and gives a visual effect already after the first time. Naturally, for the effect to be long-lasting, 3 to 5 times are needed. Later on, to preserve the good lifting effect, it is recommended to repeat the treatment once a month.

Līva also stresses out that a surprisingly good lifting effect can be achieved by face modelling or face bandaging treatments.

 How can I restore skin elasticity and achieve lifting at home?

At home you can perform various facial lifting treatments, for example, apply cool and warm compresses or packs, but the treatment must be started and finished with a cool compress. This way skin lifting is facilitated, skin elasticity is restored and facial muscles are strengthened. If one wants to get a stronger lifting effect, it is recommended to apply lifting serum or lifting mask after using compresses, because the skin would be more receptive to the active ingredients. Facial lifting is facilitated also by performing exercises for facial muscles. But do it persistently and regularly.