Facial treatments


Glowing and rejuvenated skin, positive emotions, harmony and pleasure for the entire body is what you get from any Babor facial treatment. Babor cosmeticians will first assess your skin type and only after that they will select the most appropriate beauty products for the treatment. It’ll be easier for you to choose because we’ll recommend what’s really needed for your skin.

All BABOR facial treatments are targeted not only at gaining visible results, but at the same time they also include several relaxation techniques that help skin to return to healthy structure and give a feeling of easiness.



All SKINOVAGE products contain the valuable Alpine stem cells which protect the body from premature aging as well as OsmoTec, a molecular catalyst which enhances skin protection. Balance is introduced into the energetic system of the body resulting in glowing skin and deeper inner harmony. If needed, mechanical face exfoliation is performed.

Title  ​Price/Duration
Consultation – Diagnostics of facial skin type and condition  Is free of charge
PURE – this system of skin care has effective means to fight skin imperfections, reduce generation of fine lines, improve the looks of the facial skin. Gives the skin a cleaner, fresher and more youthful look. 50€ (60min.)
VITA BALANCE – this system of skin care provides an intensive moisturizing effect, improves skin elasticity and gives the skin a fresh, rosy, well-hydrated look.  50€ (60min.)
CALMING SENSITIVE – this system of skin care provides a calming effect for the skin, reduces redness and visible traces of stress.  50€ (60min.)
PERFECT COMBINATION – this system of skin care mats and balances the facial skin, reduces the pores, intensively moisturizes the dry areas and adjusts excessive functioning of sweat glands. It gives the skin freshness and smoothness.  50€ (60min.)
ADVANCED BIOGEN – this system of skin care promotes skin regeneration and revitalization. It activates the skin functions and promotes the skin regeneration. Makes the skin fresh, rosy and gives it a more rejuvenated looks.   50€ (60min.)

Title  ​Price/Duration
Ampoule Effect treatment (treatment for all skin types) – BABOR Beauty fluid consists of highly concentrated active biological ingredients. Beauty fluid satisfies various needs of the skin as its target. That's why it is a crystal clear beauty elixir. You will see the immediate, firm and glowing result. There are various types of fluids – for moisturising, lifting, regeneration, skin protection and skin balancing. 60€ (75min.)
Revitalizing Oxygen treatment (oxygen-enriching treatment for tired skin) – Activates cellular respiration and ensures intensive protection against free radicals. Intense revitalization using pure oxygen. Revives tired skin and gives your face a rosy glow. 60€ (75min.)
Pure Anti-ageing treatment (anti-ageing treatment for troubled skin) – BABOR Pure can combine tender and sensitive and, at the same time, intense and effective skin care. This is achieved via natural ingredients that are wonderfully suited to the specific needs of impure skin. They regulate the flora of the skin, prevent impurity generation and significantly improve skin's structure. 60€ (75 min.)
Stop Stress treatment (calming treatment for dry, sensitive, irritated skin) – Intended for very sensitive facial skin, couperosis and/or dermathitis. This treatment will calm your skin and help restoring normal balance. Result comes as a fresh, clean and flawless facial skin.                                                                                                                                            .                         60€ (75min.)
Triple Booster treatment (anti-ageing treatment for all types of skin) – Skin transformer. Thanks to the Triple Booster effect, the skin functions are transformed which are responsible for juvenescent looks. Skin is improved inside out, wrinkles are smoothed and skin becomes even and glowing.  60€ (75min.)

Sets the highest standards in order to reach an effective and immediate result. Immediate, visible improvement, the skin looks youthful and fresh.

Title  ​Price/Duration
Skin Renewal treatment (AHA) – Promotes cell regeneration and removal of the dead cells. The treatment gives the skin smoother, lighter, cleaner appearance. 65€ (75min.)
Ultimate Vitamin C treatment (a stimulating procedure for tired skin) – Treatment uses active concentrate which consists of 20% pure vitamin C derivatives. Vitamin C promotes generation of natural skin collagen and protects against environmental oxidative damage. Gives a more even and beautifully glowing look to the skin.  65€ (75min.)
Ultimate A16 Detox treatment – Skin detoxifying is very important for cell regeneration. The powerful mixture of vitamins and minerals will heal your skin and neutralize the harmful substances that cause skin aging. Detoxifying will result in the renewal of nutrients which have an important role in maintaining the looks of a youthful skin.  70€ (80min.)

Dermatologists, botanists, geneticists and diabetologists were all involved in the development of HSR, along with specialists from the most wide-ranging areas of research. This is how we continue to create trendsetting innovations.

Title  ​Price/Duration
HSR Lifting treatment (anti-ageing treatment for mature skin) – HSR® lifting complex fights effectively against fine lines and improves skin elasticity. Thanks to innovative powerful ingredients the regenerating power can blossom faster and more effectively. Skin becomes firmer, the upper skin layers are supported and fines lines are smoothed out. 75€ (80min.)

Four high-performance active ingredients, TELOVITIN, AGICYL, LUMICOL and EPOCYL are contained in these exclusive precision formulas from BABOR, interact in perfect synergy to restore your individual and youthful radiance. Skin looks firmer and smoother with a beautifully even skin tone and feels silky-soft to the touch.

Title  ​Price/Duration
BABOR ReVersive treatment-  During this treatment you will feel the pleasure of the highest quality skin care products, and our professional BABOR cosmeticians will contribute their experience in order to make full use of them. The ritual consists of a thorough skin preparation which begins with the legendary BABOR HY-ÖL cleansing. This cleansing experience  will allow you to forget everyday worries and jump inside the feelings of a professional beauty care salon. There are three methods included in the ReVersive Anti-Age treatment which ensure that each drop of the active ingredient is activated to the maximum in order to reach the best.  110€ (80min.)

Title  ​Price/Duration
Sea Creation treatment. – Sea pearl protein increases the fibroblast count in skin cells, activates their functioning and promotes collagen generation. Skin regeneration processes are strongly stimulated and there is an immediate effect: the skin texture and tone smooth out and improve, fine lines are reduced, the face oval is strengthened.                  .                       More about the treatment >>>  180€ (90 min)

BABOR Men is the solution for revitalised, high-performance and resistant skin.

Title  Price/Duration
BABOR Men – Cleansing and energy-boosting face treatment. Suited to male skin needs and everyday rituals. Improves skin vitality, boosts energy, at the same time calming skin after shaving and giving a moisturising effect. 55€ (75min.)





  • NEW SKIN 2 in 1

Title  Price/Duration
FORMA THERMAL LIFTING is the first self-regulative, non-invasive type of thermal therapy, which consists of deep and even stimulation of tissues.                                                                                                                                                                                                 More about the treatment >>> 40-180€

Title  Price/Duration
LUMECCA – is an IPL (intense pulsed light) equipment which performs photo renewal of skin and treats spots of pigmentation and blood vessels.                                                                                                                                                    .                                       More about the treatment >>> 50-260€

Title  Price/Duration
 EPN MEZO  is a safe, effective and minimally invasive treatment using a medical device, which stimulates the natural regeneration response and the production of collagen and elastin..                                                                                                                                                    .                                       More about the treatment >>> 96€ (60min.)

Title  Price/Duration
PRO FACIAL is a state-of-the-art method of aesthetic cosmetology using a beauty machine which carefully purifies skin and makes it look younger. It is a non-invasive technology which provides deep cleansing, moisturising and rejuvenation of your skin.          .                                                                                                     More about the treatment >>> 75€ (75min.)

Title  Price/Duration
Aqua Sonic or ultrasound cleansing Aqua Peel in combination with strong regeneration Sonic Revital is a double-effect treatment which eliminates the dirt that has accumulated with time and also rejuvenates tired and pale facial complexion providing it with deep and intensive moisturising."          .                                                                                                       .                                                                                                                                          More about the treatment >>> 55€ (85min.)

Title  ​Price/Duration
This is one type of skin polishing which helps cleansing and smoothing out skin and also promotes production of healthy new cells."              .                                                                                                                                       More about the treatment >>>  50€ (60min.)


Title  Price/Duration
IONTO MEZO  mesotherapy: a non-aggressive alternative to injections and filler treatments.  More about the treatment >>>        .                                                          75€(60min.)

Title  Price/Duration
IONTO MEZO PLACENTA This treatment is intended for skin, which needs intensive cell renewal.                                          .                                                                             More about the treatment >>>    .                                                          160 120€(80min.)

Title  Price/Duration
ELECTROPORATION – AN ALTERNATIVE TO CLASSIC MESOTHERAPY. Electroporation is also called needle-free mesotherapy, because this method allows active ingredients to infiltrate the deepest layers of skin non-invasively (without injections).                                 More about the treatment >>>        .                                                          65€ (60min.).

Title  Price/Duration
NEW SKIN 2 in 1 – New Skin is a beauty treatment for face during which two skin treatment methods are applied:  microdermabrasion and electroporation. By combining those two, a double effect can be gained (skin gets cleansed and deeply-moisturised).   More about the treatment >>>       .                                          85€ (80min.)

Title  ​Price/Duration
 Oxygen therapy OXY-JET– a treatment for renewal of facial skin, which provides instant result. Already after the first treatment skin is glowing, fresh and relaxed. Intended for any age and is especially recommended in the warm season.                                  More about the treatment >>>  75€ (65min.)





Title  ​Price/Duration
Biorevitalization is one type of mesotherapy – a great solution to the prevention and delaying of skin aging processes.                                   .                               More about the treatment >>>        .                                                                                              130-200€          

Title  ​Price/Duration
 Filler injection – this is an injection treatment during which special preparations are injected in the middle and lower layers of the dermis in order to perform visual correction."                                   .                               More about the treatment >>>        .                                                                                              200€          

Title  ​Price/Duration
BIO-EXPANDER                                   .                               More about the treatment >>>       .                                                                                              200€          














Eyelid correction – Jett Plasma Lift Medical

Title  Price/Duration
Eyelid correction – Jett Plasma Lift Medical – Jett Plasma Lift Medical is a natural treatment for skin renewal which uses quasineutral plasma.          .                                                                                                       .                                                                                                       More about the treatment >>> 100-450€ (60-120min.)


Facial treatment– Jett Plasma Lift Medical

Title  Price/Duration
Facial treatment – Jett Plasma Lift Medical – is a treatment of natural rejuvenation which is performed with the help of quasineutral plasma or ionisation, improving skin turgor and correcting wrinkles.          .                                                                                                       .                                                                                                                                             More about the treatment >>> 70€ (60min.)