RF lifting


What does the RF lifting treatment mean?

RF lifting treatment is a facial care treatment using a beauty machine which is intended for cell stimulation to promote the natural regeneration of the skin.

What is the effect of the RF lifting facial treatment?

The skin regeneration takes place thanks to the cell stimulation using radio frequencies, and during this process the tissues are warmed up to a certain temperature and the collagen fibres form the skin structure. The temperature of tissues is increased by 5-7 degrees which triggers the natural processes of the skin, improving the topical blood flow or micro-circulation, promoting the lymphatic flow, cell permeability and substance exchange processes, increasing the production of fibroblasts and new collagen and other processes beneficial for the skin regeneration.

Thanks to the radio frequencies the skin becomes firm, stretched and shows a visible lifting effect!

Who needs RF lifting treatment and what are its advantages?

The RF lifting treatment is suitable for you if you have any of these conditions:

• Your skin has lost its turgor (inner pressure)

• Your skin tone is reduced

• Your skin contours have changed

• You have fine line and deep wrinkles

• You have skin hydration disturbances

• Other age-induced changes

The main advantage of the treatment lies in the fact that it is non-invasive or not traumatic, it does not involve anaesthesia, it can be combined with other treatments or performed as an intensive course of RF lifting treatments, and it is a perfect treatment to be performed just a day before an important event where you need to look stunning!

The effect is visible already after the 1st session!

We recommend 5-10 sessions.

The course of treatments is scheduled individually.

RF lifting is NOT recommended upon the following:

• Pregnancy, lactation period

• Oncology diseases

• Implanted pace-maker

• Somatic diseases, epilepsy

• History of infarctions, strokes

• Gold thread facelift

• Individual intolerance to electric power

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