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With this procedure one can correct, enhance, accentuate:

  • eyebrows;
  • eyes;
  • lips.

Permanent make-up is a serious procedure, recommended to be performed only in a salon and by a specialist appropriately educated and experienced. This make-up will stay on your face for a longer period, up to four years.

Permanent make-up is created using disposable instruments and materials, such as disposable needles. The maximum depth of injection doesn’t exceed 1 mm. By using natural dyes the make-up created looks very natural and unsophisticated. For your convenience anaesthesia is used during the procedure which makes the procedure painless.

This procedure is performed both for women and men.

Customers younger than 18 years need parental permission. 

We suggest permanent make-up in such cases:

  • For customers who want to accentuate their natural beauty but don’t wish to use everyday make-up
  • For customers who wear glasses and have difficulty using eye-liners
  • For very allergic customers who have an allergic reaction to eye mascara
  • For customers who receive cancer treatment, to line their eyebrows and accentuate eyes

Why choose permanent make-up?

  • To accentuate natural beauty
  • To re-create shape of eyebrows if it is gone
  • To enlarge and accentuate lips
  • To dye away small scars on eyebrows or lips


Even lined, they will look natural. Permanent make-up for eyebrows can be created as hair strokes or by toning the whole eyebrow. The colour and shape is marked with a pencil beforehand and agreed with the customer.


Permanent make-up for eyes is created to accentuate the upper and/or the lower eyelid. Contours can be lined directly on the lash line – the lashes would look dark and thick. If necessary, the line can also be created thick and very expressive.


Title  Price
Eyebrows  180-220 EUR
Eyes 100-140 EUR
Consultation  Is free of charge

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