Nail treatment

Today, when interaction among people has such an important role, well-groomed hands and attractive nails make one feel good and enhances self-esteem.
Healthy, strong nails and beautiful, well-groomed hands and feet attract attention and characterize a person, their attitude towards themselves and their appearance.
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Classic manicure makes your hands well-groomed, clean and attractive. Thanks to manicure, nail cuticle is removed, your nails are cleansed and filed acquiring the shape that suits best for your fingers and hands. We use oils that care for the health of nails and moisturize the skin of hands.


Title  Price
Classic manicure  15 EUR
Classic manicure with nail polish  18 EUR
Classic manicure with Shellac nail polish 25 EUR


Title  Price
Classic pedicure  25 EUR
Classic pedicure with nail polish 28 EUR
Classic pedicure with Shellac nail polish 35 EUR




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