The massage products include unique components: our newcomer, the patented BABOR anti-ageing extract of Champagnerbirne pear variety stem cells, Aachen thermal spring water, rich in minerals and trace elements, and other valuable ingredients and oils which are essential in skin care.

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Classic massage LIME AND CLEMENTINE: Intense skin moisturising. Intended to restore the hydro-balance of the skin. Products include refreshing citrus fruits such as sweet clementines and sour limes which fill the body with a new energy and effectively eliminate tiredness and improve skin’s elasticity making it soft. 50 EUR (60 min.)
Classic massage MINT AND LAVENDER: Calms sensitive skin. Quickly and effectively removes stress, reduces muscle hyper-tone, evens out the skin texture and colour, and protects the skin against the environmental damages. The soft aroma of mint and lavender has a pleasant soothing effect. 50 EUR (60 min.)
Classic massage CASHMIRE WOOD: Saturates and nourishes the skin, restores inner strength via its warm woody aroma, restores the hydro-lipid balance of the skin, ensures effective protection against external stressors and promotes anti-ageing prevention. Strengthens skin’s immunity, evens out the skin texture and makes it silky and soft. 50 EUR (60 min.)
MASSAGE WITH HOT STONES: A relaxing body massage in combination with the warming effect of lava stones wonderfully relaxes and removes tension from muscles and the entire body. 60€ (60 min.)
Back massage  35 EUR



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