Facial treatment – Jett Plasma Lift Medical

What is Jett Plasma Lift Medical?

Jett Plasma Lift Medical is a treatment of natural rejuvenation which is performed with the help of quasineutral plasma or ionisation, improving skin turgor and correcting wrinkles.

Why to perform Jett Plasma Lift Medical?

During the Jett Plasma Lift Medical treatment the skin structure receives a unique method of intervention with a purpose to reduce the signs of ageing. This method is unique because it is delicate, gives control over the treatment procedure, allows foreseeing the result and ensures a visible effect without a lengthy rejuvenation period.

What are the advantages and results of Jett Plasma Lift Medical?

Plasma technology ensures a very careful application of thermal energy which promotes the mechanisms of skin rejuvenation and production of new collagen without damaging epidermis (the upper layers of the skin). Both during the course of the treatments and also in the length of several months afterwards a continuous process of collagen production takes place thus reducing the depth and the number of wrinkles.

Indications / Jett Plasma Lift Medical is for You if you have:

• Aged and tired skin
• Decreased skin turgor
• Lowered facial oval
• Tiny and deep wrinkles and other problems of mature skin

Contraindications / Jett Plasma Lift Medical is NOT for You if you have:

• A pacer or other electric devices
• Pregnancy
• Oncology diseases
• Metal implants within the body
• Inflammations and purulent formations on the skin within the area of the treatment

In order to achieve a long-term result, a course of 6 to 8 treatments is necessary with a time interval of at least 1 week.
After the treatment course is completed the effect remains for up to 6 months, but we recommend to continue with 1 treatment per month in order to prolong the effect already achieved.

Free cosmetologist’s advise

Performing a facial treatment at the BABOR Beauty Spa Alberts, you will get a free consultation from an experienced cosmetologist as regards your skin type and condition, recommendations to pay attention to in order to prevent possible skin problems and, in case if you already have some problems, how to solve them most effectively.

The price for treatment is: 120€ (60 min)


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