Earlobe piercing

 Earrings is a way to make your appearance more colourful and interesting, and ear piercing procedure is almost painless and lasts only for a couple of minutes.


  • Ears are pierced using an ear piercing gun that pierces the earlobe, inserting a gilded or silvered earring at the same time.
  • Medical earrings are also available that are manufactured out of surgical stainless steel which is hypo-allergenic.
  • Ear piercing is performed by a cosmetician with a medical degree.
  • Before ears are pierced you will be informed how the procedure goes and how ears are to be cared for afterwards.
  • If you observe all instructions in taking care for your pierced ears, there will be no problems after the procedure.
  • Normally earlobe puncture completely heals during four weeks. At this point you can exchange the first earrings for another ones.



Title  Price
Earlobe piercing 25 EUR



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