Facial treatment OXY JET

What is the facial treatment OXY JET about?

Oxy JET – a treatment for renewal of facial skin, which provides instant result. Already after the first treatment skin is glowing, fresh and relaxed. Intended for any age and is especially recommended in the warm season.

During the procedure, medical preparations are being injected in the deepest layers of skin in a non-invasive manner, which effectively combats fine lines, wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity.

When is the OXY JET treatment needed?

*Hypersensitive skin.

*Increased skin sensitivity after cleansing.

*To calm down irritated skin after aggressive treatments, such as laser manipulations, AHA peelings, surgeries etc.

*Dehydrated skin.

*To even out wrinkles.Diamond_GB-294x300

*To strengthen skin.

*For prematurely aged skin.

*For skin damaged by sun and UV rays.

*For skin regeneration after laser peeling, chemical peeling or illnesses.

*In case of age spots or uneven pigmentation.

*To strengthen skin tone.

What is the effect of OXY JET?

Oxygen pulse flow helps delivering active substances into the skin. It is capable of reaching the deepest skin layers and accumulate deposits, thus suspending the need to use a syringe and injections. Skin is supplied with oxygen, which increases skin metabolism.

Moreover, a gentle spraying of the medical preparations allows calming the skin after microdermabrasion, mesotherapy or laser treatment.

During the treatment, oxygen is being sprayed along with nutritive and moisturising components. They stimulate immune system and promote healing of scars.

What are the advantages of the OXY JET treatment?

Main benefits:

*The action of the medical preparations introduced is effective several days after the treatment.

*The positive effect is observable already after one session.

*Suitable for any type and condition of skin.

*Skin tone is significantly improved.

*Wrinkles are evened out.

*Skin relief, elasticity and moisture level are improved.

*The treatment can be performed in any season.

*The treatment can be combined with other cosmetic treatments.

Free cosmetologist’s advice

Performing facial treatments at the BABOR Beauty Spa Alberts, you will get a free consultation from an experienced cosmetologist, find out your skin type and condition, get recommendations on your skin priorities during everyday skincare in order to prevent potential skin problems and solve the existing skin problems most effectively.

OXYGEN THERAPY   OXY JET     price: 60€(75min)


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