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Every time we smile or frown, the facial muscles contract, with time creating the so called dynamic wrinkles. Similarly, if you don’t have enough sleep, spend your days in poorly-ventilated rooms, smoke or sun-bathe too much, then the wrinkle formation is increased. How to get rid of wrinkles and make the skin look healthy?

Cosmetic injections – it is an opportunity provided by the modern beauty care to temporarily prevent wrinkles and mimicry lines induced by skin aging without surgical intervention and without harming the skin, improving its firmness and flexibility and at the same time making the skin more even and visually younger.


The Green Injections – this is a new quality standard according to which each step and each stage of the injection material production is under stringent control.


Green Injections utilize a unique hyaluronic acid of the highest quality and purity which doesn’t contain any (!!!) additives and preservatives.

Hyaluronic acid contained in preparations IAL-SystemIAL-System ACPIAL-System DUO and Bioexpander doesn’t contain any substances that could harm patient both after and before the treatment.

Green Injections – this is working with patients’ aesthetic problems without risk today and with high confidence tomorrow! Skin remains healthy, tissues have their natural processes preserved, and beauty doesn’t cost any risk.



For straightening out wrinkles on the forehead, around lips and around eyes we use fillers – liquid implants which fill wrinkles with a material that lifts up sunken wrinkles, evening them out. Using fillers it is possible to enlarge the volume of the lips, slightly change the shape of the cheeks, chin and nose and lift up sagged cheeks.

Filler injection – this is an injection treatment during which special preparations are injected in the middle and lower layers of the dermis in order to perform visual correction. In addition, we are using Regenyal Idea, fillers developed in Italy, which not only provide visual correction, but also get involved in the skin metabolism processes in a natural manner, making it more flexible and firm, and they are completely biodegradable.

Regenyal Idea  – this is monophasic intradermal filler on the basis of hyaluronic acid 25 mg/ml which doesn’t contain traces of proteins. Regenyal Idea is a preparation jointly developed by Regenyal Laboratories and Fidia Farmaceutici S. P. A. (Italy). In the production of Regenyal Idea the same hyaluronic acid is used as in the production of the high-quality preparations IAL-System and IAL-System ACP.

Monophasic filler Regenyal Idea allows providing permanent density with an even distribution of cross-bonds, thus reducing the risk of inflammation processes and the negative side effects after the treatment which often occur when materials with unstable viscosity and density are used.


regenial_idea_do_poslMain properties:

  • Perfect purity;
  • BDDE at minimum concentration;
  • Lack of the non-bound HA;
  • High viscoelasticity;
  • Good extrusion;
  • High biological compatibility with tissue.

Filler injection lasts for 30–60 minutes. The preparation is injected with a very thin microneedle exactly in the problematic area of the skin. It doesn’t require any special kind of pain killing, but based on the customer’s request it is possible to use local anesthesia – a cream containing Lidocaine.

The effect of skin regeneration can be observed right after the treatment, but a small redness and swelling can remain for a couple of days.

When the preparation gradually absorbs, the visual effect diminishes with time. Due to this reason, in order to preserve stable appearance, it is necessary to perform periodical treatments once every 6-12 months. The repeated treatments require smaller amounts of the product. If one treatment is performed, its result remains for 8–12 months.



Bio-Expander is intended for the correction of hipovolemic destructuring during which reduction of the skin’s osmotic pressure is achieved, which happens simultaneously with the transferring of fat bundles to the middle and lower parts of the face which results in changes to the facial contours and tissue dehydration.

For volume enlargement the preparation can be utilized for the forehead and cheekbone areas, corners of the lips, oral, mandible and temple areas. Using Bio-Expander it is possible to make corrections in the periorbital, tear and palpebro-malar groove areas. In all these cases the preparation allows achieving as natural correction as possible. The preparation is injected in the upper layers of hypodermis in order to support double-sided effect on dermis and hypodermis.


Thanks to the low viscosity and the high elasticity, Bio-expander is easily-injectable and well-distributed into the hypodermis, regenerating the natural volume. Preparation can be injected in the upper layers of hypodermis, thus creating a ‘support buffer’ which interacts with tissue in two directions (dermis and hypodermis). After this treatment, patients report about immediate regeneration of the natural volume and – in long term – about remarkable improvement of skin quality (firmness, elasticity and colour).


The preparation is intended for the correction of hipovolemic destructions.

Bio-Expander – a medical preparation with a high level of diffusion, hydration and implant elasticity.


Injection of the Bio-Expander provides an immediate effect:

  • Restructurising;
  • Volumetric;
  • Hydrating.




Biorevitalization is one type of mesotherapy – a great solution to the prevention and delaying of skin aging processes. This is deep moisturizing of the skin without surgical intervention, performing micro-injections of hyaluronic acid directly into the skin. Its objective is to regenerate the skin’s natural reserves of hyaluronic acid and make the skin healthy, fresh and glowing.

IAL-SYSTEM – a standard of natural hyaluronic acid for biorevitalization and wrinkle correction. IAL-SYSTEM™ allows regenerating perfect condition of skin, creating it anew, and to maintain such skin condition, when optimum skin functioning is possible, in long term.

The IAL-SYSTEM™ preparation has a prolonged activity, thanks to its concentration which exceeds the concentration of endogenous hyaluronic acid by 40-70 times. This helps keeping HA within tissue. In fact, after gradual injection of the homogenized preparation, it is slowly absorbed in the tissue which leads to the reduction of HA concentration, finally reaching a physiologically normal concentration. Afterwards normal catabolic processes initiate.

Ial-System – clinical properties

  • Actively stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and the growth of microcirculatory bed;
  • Quickly increases our own synthesis of hyaluronic acid (from the 5th day);
  • The maximum time for the preparation to take effect is 10-14 days;
  • Duration of a pronounced clinical effect is 2-3 months;
  • Used for chronically very dry skin;
  • Used in the first phase of the combined protocol or in combination with the IAL-System ACP® treatment.

Hyaluronic acid, which is injected during the revitalization treatment, is identical to the natural hyaluronic acid within our body. It is responsible for the tone of our skin, its elasticity and colour. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind moisture in the skin and to inhibit water evaporating, protecting skin against deformation, formation of wrinkles and sagging. Unfortunately one must admit that mature skin gradually develops deficit of this useful acid, therefore it must be regenerated.

The hyaluronic acid preparation IAL-System, used during the biorevitalization treatment, allows regenerating a perfect physiological condition of the skin. By introducing the preparation into the skin, it starts acting in an ‘advanced’ mode – after the treatment cells do their job excellently, skin has better blood circulation and wrinkles are evened out.


  • Dry, sagging skin;
  • Skin dehydration of any etiology;
  • Reduction of osmotic pressure and elasticity;
  • Wrinkles;
  • Photoaging, stress, smoking, treatments for skin preparation and/or regeneration: peelings, laser exfoliations, dermabrasion, plastic surgery.

The effect of Biorevitalization is preserved up to 12 months, for elderly patients – 6 to 8 months. In order to attain maximum result, usually we recommend fighting against the skin aging problems by revitalization treatment two times per year. However, the preferable frequency of the treatment is determined for each customer individually.


Title  Price
Bio-revitalisation  130-200 EUR
BioExpander  200 EUR
Consultation Is free of charge


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