To make your everyday into something special, to give a chance to relax pleasantly and firm the body at the same time, BABOR BEAUTY SPA offers various body treatments.

They give pleasure, rejuvenating the skin at the same time, improve its elasticity and help maintaining perfect body contours.

No matter if you choose a relaxing or body-firming treatment, you will see and feel the effect of the exclusive Babor products in combination with the skills of our BABOR BEAUTY SPA cosmeticians!

Title  ​Price/Duration
BODY MEZO  –Body mesotherapy is injection of biologically and chemically active substances into the deepest layers of skin. This treatment can solve various aesthetic problems. During the treatment, very tiny needles are applied, which makes the treatment almost painless, and mixtures of biologically active substances are injected into the skin according to individual needs.                                                                                   .                                More about the treatment >>> 40 € (45 min)
3D Cellulite-reducing treatment using active BABOR serums – Anti-cellulite massage with Babor serums has a fat-burning and detoxifying effect. As the result body skin is even and firm.  60€ (60 min)
Lifting treatment – During the procedure the active ingredients perform a thorough silhouette correction improving skin tone, firmness and elasticity. 40€ (60 min)
ACE treatment – Treatment for dry skin with vitamin complex which eliminates dryness and improves firmness of skin. As the result skin is juvenescent and nourished. 40€ (60 min)
BABOR modelling treatment SHAPING FOR BODY – A special shaping treatment for body in order to model the body silhouette. The treatment has a huge lifting effect, it prevents early ageing and provides protection against exogenous stress. You will see and feel the result: your skin becomes smoother, firmer and more resilient, but the body silhouette becomes more elegant.                                  48 EUR (75 min)
BABOR renewing treatment LIME AND CLEMENTINE – A treatment for intense skin moisturising which has an invigorating bouquet of aromas consisting of the sweet notes of clementine and lime, perfectly restoring the moisture balance of the skin. Effectively removes fatigue, restores alertness and fills up with energy. Adds firmness to the skin, makes it smooth and resilient.                                                  48 EUR (75 min)
BABOR anti-stress treatment MINT AND LAVANDER – A treatment for sensitive skin with a calming effect, instantly removes stress and muscle overtone and also evens out the skin relief and colour. The soft bouquet of the aromas of mint and lavender gives a pleasant relaxation and comforts the soul. Perfectly protects against aggressive environment.                                                 .                                                                                                                                                  48 EUR (75 min)
BABOR anti-ageing treatment CASHMIRE WOOD – A treatment with a warm wood aroma intended for stressed skin, perfectly nourishes the skin and restores its moisture balance. Provides intense protection against premature ageing and exogenous stress, strengthens the local immune system, evens out the skin relief and makes it velvet soft.                                               .                                                                                                                                             .  .                            48 EUR (75 min)
 Hot Stones massage – It is a particularly enjoyable and effective body treatment. Heat of the hot lava stones transfer heat and energy more than by hand massage. 65 € (75 min)
Classical body massage – treat yourself with a tailored aroma oil massage for a full relaxation and regeneration"  60 EUR (60 min.)
Back massage  35 EUR
Vacuum massage  For the strengthening of connective tissue we recommend performing a vacuum massage where we are using a various-intensity negative pressure on the skin and subcutaneous fat layer ensuring free lymphatic flow, accelerating metabolism processes and excreting the metabolism's end products from the problematic areas. As the result of the massage, the tissue rejuvenation process is accelerated and excessive fluid is removed.       More about the treatment >>>
Vacuum massage  – 20min 20 EUR
Vacuum massage  – 30min 28 EUR
Vacuum massage – 45min 35 EUR
Vacuum massage – 60min   40 EUR



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