Body treatments

To make your everyday into something special, to give a chance to relax pleasantly and firm the body at the same time, BABOR BEAUTY SPA offers various body treatments.

They give pleasure, rejuvenating the skin at the same time, improve its elasticity and help maintaining perfect body contours.

No matter if you choose a relaxing or body-firming treatment, you will see and feel the effect of the exclusive Babor products in combination with the skills of our BABOR BEAUTY SPA cosmeticians!

Title  ​Price/Duration
BodyFX– Design the shape of your body, permanently eliminating the fat cells. Significant results in treating and reducing cellulite. Makes the skin firmer thanks to the stimulation of new collagen formation in the skin                                                                                   .                                More about the treatment >>> 44-120€
FORMA PLUS–  is the first self-regulative, non-invasive type of thermal therapy which consists of deep and even stimulation of tissues.                                                                                   .                                More about the treatment >>> 44-120€
BODY MEZO- Body mesotherapy is injection of biologically and chemically active substances into the deepest layers of skin. This treatment can solve various aesthetic problems. During the treatment, very tiny needles are applied, which makes the treatment almost painless, and mixtures of biologically active substances are injected into the skin according to individual needs.                                                                                   .                                More about the treatment >>> 40€ (45 min)
BODY WRAPPING- Discharges the inner end-products and toxins out of the body, activates the cell/tissue metabolism, improves the skin elasticity and rejuvenates the skin texture.          .                                                                                                More about the treatment >>> 40-60€ (60 min)
 MASSAGE- Classic massage is a great way to strengthen health, relax the body and improve its functions. The massage eliminates tension and tiredness, improves general mood and recovers ability to work.                                                More about the treatment >>> 35-60€
Vacuum massage  For the strengthening of connective tissue we recommend performing a vacuum massage where we are using a various-intensity negative pressure on the skin and subcutaneous fat layer ensuring free lymphatic flow, accelerating metabolism processes and excreting the metabolism's end products from the problematic areas. As the result of the massage, the tissue rejuvenation process is accelerated and excessive fluid is removed.       More about the treatment >>> 30-50€



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