babor beauty spa-bodyfx-tievesanas-procedura-2-min

SOLVE 3 MAJOR BODY PROBLEMS USING 1 TREATMENT!   Design the shape of your body, permanently eliminating the fat cells   Significant results in treating and reducing cellulite Makes the skin firmer thanks to the stimulation of new collagen formation in the skin Areas, which can be treated: Abdomen Arms Thighs Buttocks Lower back Upper […]

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24 effective beauty ampoules   Contents: 46 ml 2 x Hydra Plus Active Fluid: A rejuvenating thirst quencher for every skin type that needs moisture. Hyaluronic acid provides a generous amount of moisture and binds it to the skin. 3 x Algae Active Fluid: A pure wave of fresh moisture with the power of the sea. […]

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RF lifting

What does the RF lifting treatment mean? RF lifting treatment is a facial care treatment using a beauty machine which is intended for cell stimulation to promote the natural regeneration of the skin. What is the effect of the RF lifting facial treatment? The skin regeneration takes place thanks to the cell stimulation using radio […]

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IONTO MEZO mesotherapy


  WHAT DOES THE FACIAL TREATMENT IONTO MEZO MEAN? Ionto Mezo is a facial beauty treatment during which active substances are introduced into the deepest layers of skin by means of a special device. IS THE FACIAL TREATMENT IONTO MEZO SUITABLE FOR ANYBODY AND WHAT ARE ITS BENEFITS? Ionto Mezo treatment is intended for skin which needs intensive […]

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babor beauty spa-profacial 2-min

WHAT IS THE PRO FACIAL TREATMENT ABOUT? PRO FACIAL is a state-of-the-art method of aesthetic cosmetology using a beauty machine which carefully purifies skin and makes it look younger. It is a non-invasive technology which provides deep cleansing, moisturising and rejuvenation of your skin.   WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF THE PRO FACIAL TREATMENT? During […]

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babor dermabrazija

  What is the Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment? Microdermabrasion is an effective machine therapy by which dead corneous cells are removed from the upper layer of your epidermis. This is one type of skin polishing which helps cleansing and smoothing out skin and also promotes production of healthy new cells. What is the effect of the […]

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Facial treatment OXY JET

What is the facial treatment OXY JET about? Oxy JET – a treatment for renewal of facial skin, which provides instant result. Already after the first treatment skin is glowing, fresh and relaxed. Intended for any age and is especially recommended in the warm season. During the procedure, medical preparations are being injected in the deepest layers of skin […]

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ultraskanas sejas tirisana

WHAT IS THE AQUA SONIC TREATMENT ABOUT? Aqua Sonic or ultrasound cleansing Aqua Peel in combination with strong regeneration Sonic Revital is a double-effect treatment which eliminates the dirt that has accumulated with time and also rejuvenates tired and pale facial complexion providing it with deep and intensive moisturising. WHO NEEDS THE AQUA SONIC TREATMENT? […]

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body mezo

WHAT IS BODY MEZO? Body mesotherapy is injection of biologically and chemically active substances into the deepest layers of skin. This treatment can solve various aesthetic problems. During the treatment, very tiny needles are applied, which makes the treatment almost painless, and mixtures of biologically active substances are injected into the skin according to individual […]

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Eyelid correction – Jett Plasma Lift Medical

Jett-Plasma acu procedūra

What do we know about the eyelid correction using Jett Plasma Lift Medical? Jett Plasma Lift Medical is a natural treatment for skin renewal which uses quasineutral plasma. The discharge of plasma on high intensity levels creates thermal energy which has a coagulation effect on the tissues. The plasma beam is very thin, allowing to […]

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