Aesthetic cosmetology


FORMA THERMAL LIFTING  -INMODE-    The effect of fractional radio frequency to improve turgor, especially shaping the facial contours. The 1st self-regulative, non-invasive type of thermic therapy which consists of deep and balanced stimulation of tissues. Improves skin’s elasticity by promoting the natural production of collagen in long term. This technology uses the energy of radio frequency which has a pleasant and controlled-temperature thermal sensation, but which does not heat the skin or cause any other problems, providing optimum result.  More about the treatment >>> 45-180€
IPL TREATMENT LUMECCA  -INMODE-     IPL or intense pulsed light technology performs skin’s rejuvenation and treats pigmentation and vascular lesions. Thanks to the selective photothermolysis and the specific parameters of the device, the effect is on several chromophores simultaneously, which allows dealing with several problems within one treatment. Significantly improves skin’s colour and clarity, as well as its tone, turgor and elasticity. Suitable for any area of the skin.  More about the treatment >>> 50-260€
FRACTORA  -INMODE-  The most advanced fractional radio frequency treatment. The energy of radio frequency is applied on the skin using micro needles causing heat and tiny micro-streaks locally.  30-390€ (75min.)
JETT PLASMA Lift Medical EYELID CORRECTION: a natural rejuvenation treatment, which uses quasineutral plasma. More about the treatment >>> 100-450€ (60min)
EPN MEZO   A safe, effective machine therapy with minimally invasive application of needles and electroporation. The vibrations of micro-needles stimulate the natural healing reaction and the production of collagen and elastin. The system includes also the electroporation technology, which uses micro-current to open the pores of membranes so that the cosmetic products and nutrients could enter the cells and get deeper in the skin. A great alternative to injections and fillers. More about the treatment >>> 96€ (60min.)

Biorevitalization is one type of mesotherapy – a great solution to the prevention and delaying of skin aging processes.  More about the treatment >>>   130-200€     .                                                                                           
"Filler injection – this is an injection treatment during which special preparations are injected in the middle and lower layers of the dermis in order to perform visual correction."  More about the treatment >>>   1ml 240€   

CRYOLIPOLYSIS COOLTECH    Cryolipolysis COOLTECH is an aesthetic treatment which includes fat freezing and its permanent elimination without having an impact on the skin elasticity and its collagen content. The treatment stimulates the natural break-down and disintegration of fat cells.  More about the treatment >>> 300€                                                                                .
BodyFX     Design the shape of your body, permanently eliminating the fat cells. Significant results in treating and reducing cellulite. Makes the skin firmer thanks to the stimulation of new collagen formation in the skin  More about the treatment >>> 44-120€                                                                             .                                                                                                                                 
FORMA PLUS    is the first self-regulative, non-invasive type of thermal therapy which consists of deep and even stimulation of tissues.  More about the treatment >>> 44-120€                                                                                 .
ENDOSPHERES THERAPY   The endospheres therapy is a safe, painless machine treatment that uses a special Sensor system that «senses» the body, adapting the strength and the mode individually. Thanks to the micro-vibration and compression technology, we achieve treatment of problematic areas and body correction.  More about the treatment >>> 55-95€